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Managed Services

IDS can help to ingest, store, organize and use your data in a secure and efficient manager. Our experts are equipped with knowledge, skillsets and tools to tackle any size of data which is streamlined via a data management process that ensures high data quality from end-to-end.


Data Analytics

IDS can help to provide all your analytics needs via a subscription-based service that provides you with the capabilities of a fully customized analytics platform in the cloud.


Data Science

Our experts at IDS can use scientific proven methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from many structural and unstructured data. This process can help to solve vexing problems that uncover the answers to major questions that lead to objective decisions.


Enterprise Business Intelligence

IDS can help you to implement a fully customizable Business intelligence (BI) solution for your organization. Our experts will guide and train you in strategy, planning, technology, software tools and data analysis methods that you can manage; thereby, running your BI solution independently and/or with little support.


IT Audit

At IDS, our certified experts can examine and evaluate your information technology infrastructure, policies and operations so that you can determine whether IT controls protect corporate assets, ensure data integrity and ensure that IT attains organizational goals.


Data Security

IDS can help to make your data secure by implementing access control policies, encryption, data masking and tokenization to prevent unauthorized access, stolen data and data loss that can result in revenue loss and fraud.


Data Governance

IDS can help to access, recommend and implement a data governance framework for your organization which can improve operational efficiency, data quality, regulatory compliance, decision making and overall business performance while building a data driven culture.


Revenue Assurance

IDS can help to ensure that all products and services provided are billed as per the commercial agreement with customers by ensuring billing and configuration integrity accuracy across the relevant systems. By improving data processes and data quality, this can lead to increased margins, profits and cash flows.

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